Backing gritty founders who are solving real problems

We support innovative technology startups through early capital, deep operating expertise, global networks and a personal sounding board.


1. Executing a Fresh Investing Approach

Operators Studio is a new kind of venture-building model supporting businesses that use technology smartly to solve on-ground operating business problems, irrespective of prevailing market trends. We invest at a nascent stage and provide founders with deep operating expertise, global networks and a personal sounding board.

2. Believing in Practical Tech Innovation

Operators Studio was born out of frustration of seeing only a specific template of startups getting majority access to success-driving inputs from the venture ecosystem. As a result, an entire gamut of tech businesses that aim to solve current real needs, and are uniquely innovative, get completely overlooked due to preconceived biases.

3. Putting the Customer’s Problem First

We believe in startups that use technological innovation to solve important present problems for the world. These customer centric businesses can often be built to be economically-viable without overt dependence on external capital - and in the process, generate solid financial returns and entrepreneurial gratification for all stakeholders over the long term.

4. Backing Tech Warriors

We look for founders and teams that are in it for the long haul. Tech warriors that are visionary, humble, resourceful and believers in deep execution. We like to be in the trenches with entrepreneurs, who keep users at the centre, and believe in creating sustainable value for the world.

Helping founders where they need it the most...

Operating Guidance

Deep-dive product sessions, go-to-market strategy, hiring, user acquisition, customer introductions, pitch decks, investor connects, exit discussions.

Global Expansion

Helping companies go global via access to market knowledge, business expertise and networks across the “tripod” - USA, India and China.

Patient Capital

It takes at least a decade for a business to realize its true potential. We take an "evergreen" approach, supporting founders for whatever time it takes for them to realize their vision.

Soumitra Sharma (Founder)

Operators Studio was founded by Soumitra Sharma, a seasoned tech operator & investor with deep experience across the "tripod" - USA, India and China. Having worked in top firms such as Alibaba Group, IDG Ventures, Citigroup Investment Banking and Deloitte, he has built and launched products, closed large partnerships, taken businesses global and advised on investments across early, growth and late stages.

Some marquee investments ($2bn+) by Soumitra during his career include:


Past Investments: Senseihub, Exploride, Cardback


Soumitra Sharma | February 08

Why does India shoot itself in the foot everytime?? #angeltax #isthisnewindia

Woke up today morning to this news:

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Feb 23, 2019

RT @nilayarora: One of the better articulated piece on future social system that we’ll see. 👌🏻


Feb 22, 2019

What a lovely post on long-term company building and how overnight success happens after a decade - this is my thesis behind #operatorsstudio and what truly excites me as a venture builder & investor


Feb 22, 2019

@codymclain @hackernoon Several companies in the Operators Studio portfolio are profitable and/ or cash +ve, after just angel/ seed rounds. The key is to back companies that are solving real operating problems that people pay for, founders that are capital efficient and choose customer-delight over hype